Xplana is a new, FREE social learning platform that redefines “social studies” by allowing you to do all of your studying and social networking in one spot.

Xplana helps you study and earn better grades by delivering:
  • 100,000s of free academic resources--all targeted to your learning needs
  • Tools to create your own free study materials
  • Features to create study groups, communicate with friends and classmates, and share content
  • Free mobile applications so you can access your resources anytime, anywhere
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    VitalSource Bookshelf is the most advanced e-book software in the world. Now, your friends' notes and highlights can even show up right in your copy of the book.

    VitalSource eBooks help you study by:
  • Customize your page views, search single books or any group of books
  • Highlight and take searchable notes, and even print and copy-and-paste
  • Search accross your text, notes- from one book to all